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Nadia Arain: Occult specialist for bold entrepreneurs
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The Spartanite was founded by gifted psychic Nadia Arian. Nadia provides occult and spiritual guidance, as well as practical, “non-woo” street smarts coaching and mentoring. She works with high-powered men, women, and serious entrepreneurs, in the areas of love, life, money, wealth, business, and spirituality.



The Spartanite was out of the box: it married concepts and keywords not commonly found on Google. The common keywords we could have used failed to accurately portray what the brand is about. We knew Nadia was special the moment we met her and were super excited to take on this challenge, so she could share her gifts with so many others.




How do we define The Spartanite’s USP, and, using current key words, position her brand outside of traditional search results?

As Nadia explained, the problem with marketing in her industry is that it’s typically portrayed as “love and light”. Google often threw her into the mix with “spiritual” gurus like mindfulness practitioners and yoga teachers, but that’s far from what The Spartanite is about. While Nadia is a gifted psychic and seasoned entrepreneur, she wanted to portray herself as a business-minded, practical occultist with a dark, “gritty”, feminine edge.


How do you niche up and target high-powered, committed male and female entrepreneurs?

Nadia’s existing brand message was too broad. She didn’t have time to offer her services to those who couldn’t afford them and wanted to upscale The Spartanite, to be a premium brand with high value, high-end products and services.




Based on people she loved working with and who were in alignment with her premium brand, we got clear on Nadia’s ideal buyer personas. We also strategically repackaged her products and service offerings. As she is involved in the delivery of her services, and found that performing readings and rituals was emotionally draining and time consuming, we needed to look at high value packages which didn’t take up so much of her time, but still gave her clients massive value.



We created a new, relatable personal brand. We repackaged Nadia’s online services, recreated her online client journey and grew her email list through fresh, beautifully branded, targeted content and social media traffic.



We set up a Google Ads campaign for some of Nadia’s unique search terms. We generated organic traffic and redirected traffic to her site by growing her social media accounts with a targeted following and direct messages





We created a newly branded designed website, with a photoshoot, branded content. Repurposed Nadia’s packages and narrowed down her USP to focus on wealth creation and sharpened her client avatar to reflect how Nadia likes to work, addressing her ideal client avatar’s pain points, and giving detailed FAQs with strategic messaging. We also set up her online e-commerce store, populating it with all her online products and services.

FAQ SNAPSHOT -  Visit site

FAQ SNAPSHOT - Visit site


OLD WEBSITE - click image to see more

NEW WEBSITE - click image to see more



We provided Nadia with ongoing sales coaching and consultancy on how to prequalify online interactions into high quality interested leads and then into offline conversations, leading to committed, high paying clients.



Within the first few months, Nadia’s social media account went from 300 to 3000+ followers, many of whom purchased from her new online store. A tiered suite of packages made it easy for clients to choose, which in turn allowed Nadia to reduce the time she spent on her B job, and focus instead on growing The Spartanite. She did this by procuring high value coaching clients and consolidating pre-made store packages and products, building an ongoing stream of income whilst freeing up her time.

I initially thought that my biggest problem was not having an SEO strategy in place. I was overwhelmed and wanted an affordable team that would allow The Spartanite to impact millions of lives globally.

After working for a year with Jessica, I came to structure my brand in ways that allow me to profit handsomely and have a very strong marketing structure as my core. I hired RE Online because I felt Jessica understood me. I had struggled with a lot of boring marketers who are obviously very good at what they do, but I have a very unique service that is very challenging to marry into business realms. I liked Jessica’s style - she is fun, non-boring, fast, and innovative, and we managed to get all my final offerings done in a very short timeframe.

Jess helped me feel less alone. She supported me and kept me accountable. She provided me access to a whole team, rather than me hiring expensive employees whom I’d have to babysit. This allowed me to profit quickly and allowed my brand to grow in scale, value, and perception, in both my clients’ and my prospective clients’ eyes. My social channels are all taken care of, and I now have very clear offerings. The Spartanite looks like a world-class brand, all on a budget that was affordable for me. Jessica has a great sense of humor and a good heart. Also, her cat’s name is Meow-Meow.

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